Omega is most powerful wizard in the world.




Omega is an upbeat person. Despite his old looks, he is actually very young. Where Omega comes from, wizards look old, but are young.


Omega is a wizard and is 13 years old. He wears a blue robe, but has no wand. Omega is so powerful, he does not need a wand.


Omega was born in the Asian world of Wizardland, on 1/1/1999. He was a wizard prodigy, learning to tame dragons at age 3.


Age 3-Tamed 1st Dragon

Age 5-Received Wand

Age 6-Learned Adult-Level Wizardry

Age 7-Learned Senior-Level Wizardry

Age 9-Grew Out of Wand (Did Not Need Wand Anymore)

Age 11-Learned Master Wizardry

Age 12-Achieved Master Wizardry

Age 13-Achieved Master Dragon-Tamer, Joined the League of Legends


Omega is a master wizard. His moves consist of the following:

  • Transform
-Omega transform into anything
  • Water Strike
-Omega strikes the opponent with a blade of water
  • Flame Blade
-Omega blasts teh opponent with a blade of hot, purple fire
  • Fire Blast
-Omega blasts the opponent with a five-star fire-blade of raging hot, blue fire
  • Earthquake
-Omega summons an earthquake
  • Air Ball
-Omega blasts the opponent with a ball of air
  • Lightning Direct
-Omega summons lightning and strikes the opponent with 1,000,000 volts of electricity
  • Ice Breath
-Omega braethes on the opponent which freezes him/her
  • Frost Pool
-Omega summons a pool of ice that makes the ground slippery, practcally making the opponent vulnerable and unable to do anything
  • Teleport
-Omega teleports somewhere...
  • Summon Dragon
Omega summons 1 of his pet dragons
  • BookWormHole
-Omega throws a book on the ground and it opens, creating a wormhole...
  • Destruction
-Omega destroys something in his path...
  • Black Hole
-Omega summons a black hole...