In order to battle, you have to follow these set of rules. if you fail to comply with them your character will be automatically disqualified from the match.


Even though this wiki has a storyline, there will still be alot of freedom. When you want to battle another character, you have to challenge them. Rules for challenging:

  1. If the person declines, do not ask anymore.
  2. In order to challenge a person, a referee (Mod or Admin) must be present.

After the person accepts, then the referee starts the battle.


  1. Battling will be done in chat.
  2. The referee will tell you when to start to fight.
  3. You will fight like this: i.e: *Omega uses his spell Frost Pool on Roy* using asterisks to show what you do.
  4. You cannot use more that 2 actions in one move.
  5. The referee will decide what happens, and describe what happens (like narrating).
  6. The referee will also decide who wins.

The Consequences

If you break any of the wiki rules or the chat rules while in the chat you will face the consequences listed on one of those pages.

NOTE to USERS-Us admins think these rules are very simple so we expect everyone to follow them with ease.


The admin team.

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