Crow is Jaykoaryentin's brother! Neither brother has seemed to favor each other. Crow has alwa
  • Crow himself!
  • Doomsquare!
ys seemed a bit darker. Rumors say that Crow is a murderer . . . many people believed he killed his father. Jayko however has never believed these rumors and still doesn't. Sadly Jayko does believe that Crow is destined for doom. Crow's original name was Fenter, but after his fathers death he changed it. He uses dark magic only. When him and Jayko were young he would strangle squirrels, and bully other children. He says he was practicing for when he would join the army. Strangely he never did join the army. He laughs at others pain . . . it is sad, and freaky. He hates milk, but loves it spoiled. He has never had a single friend unless you count his pet crow named Doomsquare. Nobody knows his location, and he could be dead or alive.

(Crow is a npc)