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The Black Dragon.

The Black Dragon is a evil, uncommon Dragon. It is known for its hatred with other Dragons. Delta has his own mind, making him superior to any regular dragon. The Black dragons are also called Deltas.


  • Fire Breath- The Dragon breathes a mass of fire at the opponet. This attack does devestating damage if taken on directly. The attack is long ranged.
  • Absorbtion- The ability to go into any animal or human(NPC) and take control of them. The attack is short ranged.
  • Flight- The Dragon has the ability to soar into the skies, and battle in the skies
  • Claw- They swipe there claw at the opponet. Short ranged.
  • Blazing Fist-FIst erupts into flames, and does average damage if taken or directly. The Attack is close ranged.


His apperance is a Black and Gray Color scheme, with 2 arms. The wings are attached to the arms, and it has a long slimy tail