Emperor Dean Electro is the ruler of Electro Empire. He has a army of 14,000 Warriors,12,000 Wizards, 13,205 Archers,17,985 Knights and 11,090 Royal Gaurds.Total men in army 46,990.

His Reign (1998-2012)Edit

After his father's death in the hands of his own faithful warrior Juan Selen there was war in 1996 the Selen vs Electro as his big brother Sam was the incharge of the army.Electro won with an little young archer named Hiro who is now very old.But during this fight Dean lost his brother making him the emperor.He is now dead after the war the selen he was the emperor of Electros.

Fight and LifeEdit

War of Selen IIEdit

He battled and easily defeated the new King of the Selens Justin Selen his army was nothing but more than 20,000 people which his soilders easily defeated him with only Wizards without causing a single death which was a record because his wizards were especially trained by The Great Wizard of Thunder.

All great battle of Selen IIIEdit

Selens strongly came back third time to fight for their existance ,in this war all land was gone as both emperor was death Dean and Suarez.It helped the medonosia to come and their Dark Wizards are now ruling the whole world except one Fusion Empire.