The Fusion Empire is a ruthless empire dedicated to world domination. We only have one thing to say, if your not with us you will be destoyed. Villages belong to us including the people in them(NPCs).


Warriors - These warriors use swords, spears, and maces to take out their opponet. They wear heavy armor, and have access to Deltas.

Archers- These warriors use bows and arrows, and have light armor. These warriors provide long range

suppot for the warriors. They have a shortsword, and use Deltas.

Raiders- They are extremly heavily equipted in armor, and weapons. They have a sword,and a mace. These warriors are deadly, and always on the front lines. They are the iron fist of the empire. They use horses

  • Raider's Gear
  • Archer's gear
  • Warrior Gear
  • Assassin's gear
  • Guards Armor

Assassins- They do two things, spy on the enemy and eliminated warriors(NPCs). They wear mediu m armor, and have knives, a sword, and hidden blades. They choose their dragon.

Guards- They protect Emperor Gohan, meaning they have the best armor. They even fight in battles.

Animals usedEdit

The warriors of the empire use Dragons, and sometimes horses. The Dragons they use include:

Deltas- Black Dragons renamed Black Dragons.