Gohan, once a proud warrior(And School Expert) or the future is hurled back in time to a medevil age. His story has only begun. Shortly after he arrives in time, he is possessed by an evil spirt. He now leads evil. He has forgotten most of his attacks but still knows some.


Kamahameha- A blast or energy

Death Wave- A barrier of darkness

Masenko- A beam of energy (Smaller than the Kamehameha)

Gohan Transformed.

Super Saiyan- Hair turns golden, and a gold aura surrounds him.


  1. Sword
  2. Knives
  3. Fist


He has the legendary Bahamut, which he renamed Mega. Mega is the result of an evil dragon called by Gohan's evil spirt. This Dragon is very loyal to Gohan.

Family in this dimesnionEdit

Gohan was also tranfered to this time, with his sister. Bran.
290px-Bran ssj-1-

His sister.