This dragon is one of a kind. This dragon is one of the fastest creatures in the universe and one of the most powerful creatures in the world. It will come to Omega's rescue anytime, anywhere.


Hydro has the power of Water as well as Fire, Ice, Earth, and Lightning. Omega first discovered Hydro when he was walking around the Earth when he was 3, Hydro was the first dragon Omega tamed. The entire wizard population knew that Omega tamed him because Hydro was perched on Omega's shoulder when he came back, and of course Hydro was a baby back then. Omega has tamed and kept many dragons, but Hydro is Omega's dragon of choice.


Hydro is very loyal as well as very calm and relaxed, although Hydro can destroy anything when he's very angry. Hydro is very protective and will put hislife in danger for Omega. Hydro also protects Tama, but not always....


Hydro has very sharp claws that can pierce through anything. Each of its heads can produce one element as well as water. Although it has low defense, its speed makes up for it, which makes Hydro almost impossible to hit. Hydro is the most feared dragon in all of the universe (I would say Hydro is the most feared creature in the universe but that would be lying, Shellspeed isn't afraid of Hydro). Although Omega and Tama has gotten into some really bad trouble and would be life threatening, Hydro has saved them without a scratch.


Age 2- Learned how to fly

Age 3- Omega tamed him

Age 5- Mastered Fire Element

Age 6- Mastered Earth Element

Age 7- Mastered Ice Element

Age 8- Mastered Lightning Element

Age 9- Mastered Water Element

Age 11- Saved Omega and Tama from falling off a cliff

Age 12- Killed a gang when they cornered Omega

Age 13- Saved Tama from almost drowning