Jaykoaryentin (Jayko or Jay for short) is a brave warrior! He will fight for what he believes is right! He got his name for his father was Jekoe the Great, but his father was slain in battle before his birth so he had a
  • This is Jay's sword!
  • This is Jay!
  • This is Death!
  • This is Frost
  • Jay!
second father with the name of Oryantun. He is very loyal. He has no armor. His weapons are his father Jekoe's sword, and his second father Oryantun's bow and 14 arrows. He has no shield. He puts up a great fight and has very good aim with his bow! His sword is his main weapon though! It is stained with blood from generations ago! He has a pet falcon with name of Frost because he found it suffering during winter all alone when it was just a baby! He uses it to retrieve arrows and send messages! He has a horse with the name of Death. It's name was given to it because it brought death to a fierce dragon attacking. Jay is not married currently. He has one brother named Crow. He has always seemed dark and had a strange obsession with crows. Jay has never liked Crow to much. Jay promissed his father Oryantun that he would slay all evil before the battle that his father was killed. Jay's charater's role is played by Rjmild!