The league of Legends, is a team formed by Roy, to fight of evil. It is enemy to all evil teams. So far it only has two members, Roy and Omega



WIZARD- オメガ 叙事詩.



Royal Gaurd-___


-If anyone wants to join, just leave a comment. Joining ends when we reach 5 members.

-Your character must not be 1 of the categories all ready in the squad/team (i.e. your character cannot be a warrior or a wizard).
  • Roy, the leader of the League of LegendsGo to Roy
  • オメガ_叙事詩 is the wizard and 2nd in command of the League of LegendsGo to オメガ_叙事詩
  • Shellspeed, Roy's Pet, and only petGo to Shellspeed

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