"For those I must protect, I will not fail!"



Personality Edit

Roy is an upstanding, thoughtful, and idealistic young man who repeatedly shows a desire to help and support others. While he would prefer to avoid blood-shed, he will fight if necessary to protect the innocent.



About Edit

Roy is fifteen years old. He wears a cape, a tunic, and a headband. His hair is redish-brown. He caries The Sword of Seals as his weapon. He is the leader of the League of Legends, an organization formed to help the innocent, and cast away evil. His best friend is Omega. Roy also has a pet, Shellspeed, his loyal and dangerous companion and friend.


Roy is a master swordsman, and also has some fire abilities. His moves with his sword consist of the following.

  • Blazer: An arial attack where he slashes upward, his sword on fire, bringing the enemy with him.
  • Flare Blade: He charges his sword for a few seconds, and a huge eruption blows up when he strikes.
  • Double-Edged Dance: Roy repeatedly swings his sword, in a un-counterable way.
  • Counter: Roy will couter the opponents attack.