Shellspeed is Roy's pet, and is extremely fast and agile. It also possesses much strength and intelligence.


Roy met Shellspeed as a baby, abandoned and alone in it's home jungle. Roy cared for it, and he took a liking to it. Shellspeed is very loyal to him for this.


Shellspeed is very loyal, and very calm. When needed, Shellspeed can become very protective, and will give up his life for Roy. Shellspeed will also help Omega at his time of need.


Shellspeed has large claws, that can rip through most any material. His horn can inject poison. The shell on his back can withstand even the strongest attacks, and if it breaks will mend itself or regrow. His tail can be used as an extra limb. His speed is unmatched by any other mammal. Shellspeed is one of the most dangerous beasts alive, dispite his size.